Everyday Games

Board Room has 30+ types of games to rent for a flat fee of $2. We take a games seriously, so please be a good citizen and treat them kindly, take care of the pieces, and return them all when you’re finished.
Don’t trust us to have your favorite game, or want to bring your own? Go for it!
Below is a list of some of our offerings! Our game selection changes weekly. Stop on by to see what’s new!

Scrabble $3
Yahtzee $2
Jenga $3
Life $3
Trouble $2
Risk $5
Operation $4
Mousetrap $5
Uno $1
Connect 4 $1
Trivial Pursuit $3
Taboo $4
Sorry $3
Boggle $2
Dice Games $1
Hungry Hungry Hippos $3
Don’t Break the Ice $4
Backgammon $2
Checker & Chess Sets $3
Playing Cards $1
Monopoly $3
Battleship $3
Settlers of Catan $3
Cards Against Humanity
Apple 2 Apples $3
Clue $2
Scattergories $2


Extra Special Vintage Games

This list is coming, but ask at the bar.