Parties and Groups FAQ

We’d love to host your party! Read below before you fill out the form to make sure we’re all on the same playing field.

Advance to Go

(Things you are welcome to do without asking ‘mother may I?’)
– Come in any time with your party of 8 or fewer and just grab some space
– Bring in your own games
– Bring in your own food, or order it here and have it delivered (ask for menus at the bar). Flippin’ Pizza, Banana Leaves, Glen’s Garden Market and City Lights of China! They deliver for FREE!
– Have fun

Free Parking

(Things you should ask about)
– Reserve space for your larger party
– Reserve space for your smaller party at non-peak times (Peak = Thurs/Fri after 7 pm and Sat after 9 pm)
– Enlist our help recommending catering options for your party any day and any size
– We’ll try our best to accommodate guests under 21 during daytime business hours 12pm-4pm Saturday and Sunday

Go to Jail

(Things that just ain’t happening)
– Reserving space for a small group during peak times
– Cheating at games
– Being under 21 in the Board Room ***

*** On an occasional rainy Saturday afternoon this rule may be stretchable, but email ahead of time and ask really, really nicely.